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Glückskindfotografie by Tina Röder welcomes you

There is nothing more fascinating and complex than experiencing people with all their facets and depicting them in pictures. I'm Tina Röder, a freelance photographer from Tyrol.
Well, not quite original. That already gives away my dialect on the first phone call, but I've been at home with my husband since 2005. Who are we- that's my husband, our two sons, our lively dog Rudi and I...?! Passionate, intense, creative and with a large portion of humor. I can laugh at myself and I'm a bookworm.  I also reach my limits, I'm just like you, dog-tired at times, I pick myself up again and appreciate the little things along the way .
I don't see my work as work in the sense of having to do it. I chose it because it makes me happy, it challenges me. I want to create something lasting and let emotions speak through pictures.

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