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Wedding reports

the right package for every taste

The little white

Photographic accompaniment of the wedding ceremony and couple shooting

For 799 euros you get an extensive preliminary talk to agree on the location, heart's desires and ideas

the photographic report of the wedding

the couple shoot

all recordings viewed and optimized

in high-resolution form and unrestricted rights of use via USB stick

Travel expenses up to 30 km are included

wedding album

For 549 euros I would be happy to design a high-quality wedding album with 32 pages in a hard cover (e.g. covered with linen and acrylic glass insert, as well as a matching high-quality box.

So you can recall this day in comfort at any time.

Daniela und Bernd Details vorab (28 von 67).jpg

get ready and the first kiss

DThe report from getting dressed to after the wedding

For 1399 euros, I will accompany you from getting dressed to after the wedding ceremony, including a couple shoot.




In a detailed preliminary talk we can get to know each other. Let's find out if WE will spend your wedding day together. Our objectives in terms of photographic accompaniment will be the same.


We want expressive, approachable images; Images that will surprise and captivate you and me years later.


That is my greatest concern and the first step for optimal planning and coordination.




I will give you all the recordings that have been made, optimally edited and tailored to you, via USB stick with all rights of use, as well as an online gallery of the couple shooting.


the photographic accompaniment during the preparation


the couple shooting approx. 1.5 hours


the wedding report of the wedding ceremony and a group picture with all the guests


Would you rather dress less and get more out of your party? - that can easily be adjusted.



wedding album




For 549 euros I would be happy to design a high-quality wedding album of 32 pages with a hard cover and acrylic glass, linen covered or a wood look, as well as a matching box.




So you can recall this day in comfort at any time.

the big day

Exceeding expectations from AZ

...oooh how the tension is building today and it's almost within reach, a jumble of many feet. There is a crackle in the air. Everything is prepared and yet there is still a certain amount of nervousness about whether everything will work out the way you want it to?!


A constant change prevails in the bathroom in front of the mirror - after all, everyone wants to be chic. A quick snack in between, "you can't do more because of the excitement or are you one of those people who stretch out comfortably when you wake up, who are calm themselves and enjoy a big breakfast before the hustle and bustle starts??? Everyone has their own style - and that is exactly what needs to be captured with the language of images.


I can accompany you during the preparations - I'm there, but not in the way. Catch the mood, photograph details, gestures, breakdowns - everything that the morning has to offer. Doesn't every story have a beginning and not just the main part?! It can be felt much more intensively when the story of the day can be told in full.


How does it work??


Very simple: You are you and live this day with everything that comes. My task: to capture the expressive moments, as they all are, with the camera. You shouldn't be beautiful for me, not for the camera. You are with the impressive charisma of lovers anyway. I simply accompany you during the preparation, the couple shooting, the wedding ceremony, the party and offer you a holistic report.

For 1999 euros you get the photographic accompaniment for about 10 hours, from mooring to the party, including a couple shooting

of course, an extensive preliminary talk - after all, I would like to get to know you well enough and also show who I am, so that it can be a relaxed accompaniment and all wishes, processes and ideas can be discussed

a USB stick with all recordings, viewed and professionally edited with unrestricted rights of use

further details about the exact time frame, among other things, at a cozy get-together or telephone call


additional hours can be booked separately




Wedding album 549 euros


What would all the many pictures be if they disappeared into the depths of the computer.


I would be happy to create a high-quality, catchy album with the best recordings lovingly staged.


you get


The design of the album with a hard cover of 32 pages on stable and effective paper, acrylic glass or covered with linen.



A suitable storage box for the valuable album in linen or similar.


other pages can of course be booked

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